Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Thrifty Finds

Hi! Sorry things have been kinda silent around here lately but we are back!!!

If you know me personally you know that I am a thrift store loving gal!! No lie I'm usually in one at least 3 times a week. I don't always find anything super awesome but lately I've hit the jackpot!

I found these vintage aluminum cookie cutters at Goodwill last week for $3.
They were in a GIANT bag of plastic cookie stamps and I just couldn't pass them up. Plus I spotted these 2 guys in there as well. To cool! 
Now to share the find that I am most excited about! When we moved back to Charleston I promised myself that I would save my pennies and purchase some beautiful art pieces by local artist. If you live here you know the options are endless!! Charleston is full of talented photographers, painters, sculptors and their work can be found in the open air market or their private galleries in the historical streets. But, while out at the local thrifts the last couple of weeks I came across these two beauties........
Both by local Charleston artist and I only payed $18.95 for both prints!!!!!
The first is by local artist Anne Worsham Richardson. She does natural prints and this on is titled "Carolina Wren and Yellow Jasmine."( which is the SC state bird and flower...fitting...no?)  Even better...It's signed!!
The second piece is by Julia Homer Wilson. I have to do some more research on the print as I'm not sure what house is it and most of her things are only available through the Charleston Preservation Society.  All I know is it a beautiful piece! It came with the frame pictured and matched our Master Bedroom PERFECTLY!!

Thanks for stopping by today and checking out my goodies! Are you thrifting Momma? Found anything great lately?! Please share!!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Simple Things

A child will teach you many things if you let them. How to love unconditionally. How to find joy in the smallest things. How to get goldfish crumbs in the tiniest car seat cracks.
During playtime today Holden taught me a lesson I seem to have forgotten in the last few years. He has tons of toys! Toys inside, toys outside, toys in the car and yet we always find him playing with something random. Like today. You'd never think that 2 sticks could make a child so happy.  He played in the back yard for a solid 45 minutes with just 2 sticks. Making me realize it really is the simple things in life that bring the most joy. In a world filled with social media, t.v. programs for everything from cooking to reality shows about Teen Mothers you tend to get wrapped up in the craziness that is life today.

So, while cooking dinner tonight I took out two of my favorite cookbooks (Farm House Cookbook / With Heart & Hand) and realized that it was the first time they had been out of the cabinet in over 6 months. I didn't need all these fancy websites to give me ideas for dinner. I had my cabinet of cookbooks from my Mother, my Mother in Law, Grandmother and Daddy. They bring me joy. It may just be a simple cookbook but to me it means more. The recipes are tried and true. Cookbooks from family vacation destinations, cookbooks showcasing true home-style recipes and cookbooks put together with love by countless little, old ladies of Hallsboro Baptist Church. And if your Southern you know NO ONE cooks better then a Baptist! So I vow to take a step back and look at the simpler things in life, slow down a little and make  Mama's Molasses Crumb Cake on page 332. It's screaming my name!!  How about you? What are your simple joys in life?