Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Just can't wait......

While doing a little 'work'  today I stumbled across this adorable fabric at fabricworm.com

Isn't it awesome!!! I mean.....Bugs and Boys just go together and I knew this was destined for a JonJon for Holden. I know..I know...It's a little early to be thinking summer clothes but with the balmy 70 degree days we've been having here you can't help but start to get into the warm weather mind set. Sewing clothing is still a new thing for me but after searching Prudent Baby I found a tutorial that doesn't look so scary. You can find the DIY JonJon instructions HERE.  As long as the first turn out.... well then I'm sure he will have quite a few in his summer wardrobe! Plus with awesome fabrics like this...
or this....
or this...

I'm sure I won't be able to pass up sewing some toddler cuteness for my little dude!

Don't forget to head over to Fabric Worm and check out there selection. I spotted a few things for me as well but I'll save those for another day :o)



  1. Cute!! Love prudent baby, also check out make it and
    Love it and smashed peas and carrots if you have not
    Yet, they both have some awesome tutorials!

  2. I haven't checked out smashed peas and carrots!! Gonna have to check it out. LOVE new blogs. Thanks Patty.