Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Soft Pieces of Buttered Heaven

 I LOVE biscuits...any kind of biscuit....Especially a good homemade biscuit! However making the perfect homemade biscuit is usually a challenge. They have a tendency to end up hard and more suited for use as weapon then eating. A few months ago I found a recipe on Pinterest ( Hello, My name is Alison and I have a pinterest addiction ) and I kept forgetting about it. And honestly biscuits are time consuming and time isn't something I usually have extra of when it comes to making dinner and wrangling a toddler. So today I decided to give it a go. THEY WERE SO EASY! Messy...very messy but easy to make.  I found the recipe here Blue Chateau Interiors and the recipe for a strawberry jam (similar to mine ) can be found here. (Canning and preserving is super easy people....seriously give it a try!)
And the great part is even though we each ate 2 or 3 each the recipe makes much more. So we have yummy, buttery pieces of heaven for breakfast too!

Give um a try!! I'd be happy to come over and be your taste tester. Oh, and for the record I prefer the middle biscuit from the pan. :o)

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